I think everyone loves being tan…a nice tan makes you feel thinner and glowy and so fabulous! Unfortunately, getting a tan via UV rays is so so so dangerous and [in my opinion] not worth it. So I started going on the hunt for a perfect self-tanner…and I found it!

THE BASICS: You can only get this product at Bath and Body Works (True Blue is their line). For $15, you get a 6 fl oz bottle. It also comes in a gradual or spray format (I have not tried either).

This stuff is ph.nom.en.al. First of all, if you have ever strayed away from a self-tanner due to being scared of turning orange (a legitimate fear), this is the lotion for you. This lotion gets my olive skin the most beautiful, natural bronze color. I cannot say enough about how beautiful it makes my skin look!

What I also love about this product is how easy it is to apply. I am no pro at applying self-tanners, yet this stuff has NEVER made me streaky. Although the bottle calls it a lotion, I really consider the consistency to be that of a gel. The deep brown color makes is super easy to know exactly where you’ve applied it. (I also love this because it instantly gives me a subtle glow!) It also has a beautiful shimmer to it for that first day of application. Keep reading for my application tips. (:


1. Quick. The second I apply it, I have a nice base. Within 4 hours, the color deepens into a rich brown.

2. Color. Natural and beautiful with zero streaking. I love it, people!

3. Smell. This is one of the things I really adore about this lotion in comparison to the others that I have tried. I really, truly love the smell of it! I’ve actually gotten compliments on how I smell after I apply it. This is a huge pro for me, because I cannot stand that gross, salty smell that the majority of self-tanners leave you with for days.

4. Long-lasting. I apply this lotion once, and the color will stay for at least a couple of weeks. This is through showering every day and shaving. I like this because it makes my lotion last longer.

5. Not tested on animals.

6. Ingredients. Every other tanner has either broken me out or dried me out. This one leaves me moisturized and has yet to give me any acne.


1. Smell. Yes, I know this is on my pros as well, but it’s valid mentioning it as a con as well because…well, the scent is strong. Very strong. I find that the room I apply it in and all the clothes I wore the first day will smell of the lotion for awhile. (the scent disappears from your skin after your first shower after your application) HOWEVER, this really doesn’t bother me very much because, again, I love the smell. I just wish the scent was a little less harsh around my house that first day.

2. Price. Groan. I am a drugstore girl through and through, so dropping $15 on a lotion really isn’t my game, even if you do get a lot of product. This one I make an exception for because I really feel like a self-tanner is one thing a girl should splurge on. Also, Bath and Body Works seem to constantly be running deals. Just keep an eye out for them and stock up!

3. Time Consuming. When you decide to put on your lotion, it’s a bit of a time commitment. Because of the consistency, it takes awhile for it to properly dry. I always give it 30 minutes after application before putting my clothes on, and I [obviously] stray away from wearing white clothes immediately after.


1. Wear gloves or wash your hands immediately after applying. The lotion won’t turn your fingers into carrots or anything, but they will look super-streaky if you just let them be.

2. Apply a thick non-tanning lotion on your knees, ankles, and elbows before applying your self-tanner. They actually suggest this on the bottle and I’ve found it really helps. This will prevent those areas from becoming darker than the rest of your body.

3. Apply your tanner in front of a mirror. This makes application 100X easier. You are able to see from every angle if you missed a spot or need to blend more. This is also the perfect way to tan your own back!

4. Apply your tanner from the feet first, then work your way up. This way, you have no creases on your belly.

5. When applying on your face (if you choose to do so), mix it with your every day facial moisturizer. I mix one parts tanning lotion, two parts Olay moisturizer. If you apply the lotion straight from the bottle, it is way too shimmery for your face and will make your face darker than your body.

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